The end is nigh is a custom story build using the Dresden files fate template. however much has been removed and much has been added!

the end is nigh is a concept for a game i came up with a few years back.

Concept: no law, no peace
year: 2058
story: the over excessive amount of carbon dioxide being released in the air caused an acceleration of the polar ice caps melting. many of the coastal city’s and houses have been consumed by the sea. many people took advantage of those people misfortune by looting their houses for valuables and selling it on eBay. stores were being looted people broke out into chaos, the police stepped in but only to get shot or attacked by the mobs. in a last hope for survival from the steadily raising ocean scientists released a chemically altered gas version of an element recently discovered called “mana”. now that was the worlds first mistake. “mana” was an liquid based element discovered deep inside the earth and what mana does is it strips and alters carbon from carbon dioxide and well just about everything. there is no life today with out carbon and the scientists used it so quickly with out viewing prolonged exposure to “mana”. with in the first month 40% of the worlds population had died which later claimed more lives from the diseases they soon spread to those around them. it didn’t take long before much of the population decided to burn the corpses to deal with this situation. gas stopped working in vehicles and all generators that ran on gas had broke down. people broke out in riots and gangs and it was not long before it became difficult for police to stop recurring mobs several miles away. upon examinating few of the people exposed to mana scientists discovered it causes mental alterations in 40% of those exposed causing insanity with violent tendency’s. then the big change occurred. the next generation of children began to experience changes. now it is believed that those who are born have 3-4 genetic mutations however mana causes the average person to have up to 60-70 mutations. while all mutations are related to each other, people began to have the ability to channel fire, lightning, water, ice, earth, light, and shadow manipulation. there were even people who could alter their flesh and bones, and well anything imaginable a person somewhere could do it. gangs and coalitions of mutated monsters were formed and it was not long before order gave in to chaos and the world submitted to its end. to avoid the end many people began to live underground. but let me be clear about this… the night is a dangerous time.

Fate system (The end is nigh)

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