(Blood Reaver)

types of mutated monsters.


Lurkers (blood reavers):
Classification: rogue
Weapons: claws, spores, rib spines
Appearance: partial humans who have been altered to have their physical rib cage turned inside out causing large bone spikes protruding from their backs. On the back of the lurker is thick skin that is 3 times harder than the skin on a normal human being. Lurkers tend to crawl on four legs because there back two legs have been shortened. Along the belly of the lurkers is a series of fungi. Picture a crab walking upside down man with a series of spikes and mushroom spores.
Ability 1: impaling leap: you ram your enemy rolling over them with your rib spines. For every enemy killed by this low damage ability their corpse stays on your back creating a shield in that position that will absorb damage.
Ability 2: stunning spit: you spit at your target causing them to be stun for 2 seconds.
Ability 3: impaling slam: you slam your rib spines into an up close enemy. This both impales them and crushes them under your weight. For every enemy killed by this low damage ability their corpse stays on your back creating a shield in that position that will absorb damage.
Passive: releases a constant aoe dot (spores) should your enemy die from spores they will become another unit for your team.

Blood hounds (Blood reavers)=
Classification: rogue
Weapons: teeth.
Appearance: Partially ripped off fur replaced with armored plates everywhere other then the head and belly. Blood hounds have 6 legs and their jaw was replaced and moved along the length of their belly. Hell hounds have 6 eyes on the front of their body and tend to roll into a ball until close to their enemies. . The blood hounds salvia is littered with spores that they produce in their body. Picture a armadillo mixed with a dog and a centipede.
Ability 1: consuming nightmare: (grapple) only usable on a target with ΒΌ of his/her health missing. Uses mouth on your stomach to tear into your enemy turning them into pieces. This heals your for 10% of your health and turns your enemies corpse into 6 blood insects.
Ability 2: rolling terror: you roll to your destination increasing your movement speed by 60 percent. Turning is slow and tedious. Continuing this with ability increases its damage by 10%.
Ability 3: howling fear: enemies that hear you run in fear for 5 seconds.
Passive: while rolling you have 30% more damage reduction.

Blood walker (blood raiders):
depending on the stage that the walker is in. most creatures start off as a walker before becoming a lurker or so on. They look like a normal torpid human with some rotting skin however they could have 2-3 inch mushrooms sticking out of their head. While most is slow, some will run at you when close they will grab hold of you and bite at you. Walkers are too young to be able to be able to infect you with spores however they are still a danger. Walkers act as the main infantry for the blood raiders.

Spore bringers (blood raider):
Classification: minion
weapon: claw
Appearance: while blood walkers are slow the spore bringers are fast. Spore bringers are human like only many of the bones/organs in their torso were removed to make space for both built up gas and spores.
Ability 1: mental manipulation: you briefly connect to an enemy for 3 seconds telling them to move towards you.
Ability 2: infectious spit: you spit a dot at your enemy.
Ability 3: explode: you release your spores and explode in a 10 meter radius releasing a powerful aoe/dot that if it kills a human they become blood walkers, if it kills an animal it becomes a spore beast, if it kills a dog or wolf they will become blood hounds.
Passive: you take 30% more damage but if you die you instantly activate your ability 3.
-———————————————————————————————————————————————Spore beasts (blood raiders): spore beasts are usually creatures infected by spore bringers. They are rabbits, cows, birds, sheep, rams, and many other farm animals. Spore beasts are simply just programmed to attack, and die. Once they die they infect the nearby area with spores.
Blood broad fathers (blood raiders): blood broad father are an evolution from blood walkers which occurs over a long period of time. Broad fathers are heavily armored tyrants who are quick to charge in and fight with two shielded bladed wrists. Broad fathers are easier to kill if you shoot them in the belly. when taking damage from anywhere other than their bellies, the flesh that chips off them from being attacked falls to the ground becoming blood insects. Blood broad fathers can stand over corpses and infect them to make corpse landmines
Blood insects (blood raiders): blood insects are little creatures with very little health that are simply swarmers meant to cause their hiding enemies to either make noise or run revealing themselves to all of your other allies. They will stun whoever they are attached to/attacking which gives your allies time to get closer.
Blood juggernauts (blood raiders): while these beasts are a fusion of many great traits. They are large creatures with flesh shields on their arms. They have a series of razor sharp bone fragments sticking out their massive shield like forearms. They are damageable however it is most effective to shoot them in the stomach which is just about the only human like remaining part of them. A blood juggernaut can be mutated from blood broad fathers over a long period of time. Juggernauts when taking damage from anywhere other than their belly, the flesh that chips off them from being attacked falls to the ground and becomes blood insects. Blood juggernauts can stand over corpses and infect them to make landmines.

(Blood Reaver)

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