religions are Deadly!


still in shambles after there loss of the tower on the 30 day war. the chantey despite their best effort had to fled the battle thankfully with the help of Commander blackblade. thanks to blackblades betral he is now a member of the chantey and a commander of the town hope.

the chantey consists of a series of light using people and random mutated people who have found religion. but there is mostly lightmancers and paladins. but concidering blackblade is a shadowmancer they are not too picky for who joins them.

the chantey are a religious group who oppose the cult of the damned. they are the exact opposite of the cult of the damned. they believe that gods end to what we knew, was the release of mana that causes great wide spread evolution for the better. its a tough life but they believe they are blessed and that if everyone joins them that they can be saved from damnation.



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