David Burdick

tech using warrior


character: David Burdick
player: Mike Greene
Template: Emissary of power.
high concept aspect: Static powered titan
must: Market by power: Static
trouble aspect: Always catching up to the past

phase one: grew up in Hartford CT, trained from a young age (along side your brother buddy Burdick) to become a knight core operative. at an early age began to show signs of static powers (unknowingly)
aspect: Over-shadowed need Revenge!

phase two: at age twelve David began showing extreme symptoms of mutation, through mass static waves and computer malfunctions/ hard drive wiping. while on your first mission (equipped with a battery powered chainsaw sword and a buzz-shield) you began to release your static energy through your weapon, reveling this to your brother and beginning a skirmish. your brother reported you a traitor.
aspect: Revenge is a bitch.

phase three: stumbled upon bladesorrow in an attempt to find a accepting society. discovered a long lost uncle named Bob Burdick who raised you until you were old enough to make your own decisions with your fate.
aspect: not all the world is bad i must defend it


physical: ()()()()()()()[]
mental : ()()()()()()[][]
social : ()()()[][][][][]
armor : none

consequences: 45

Superb (5):
Great (
4): 2 skills: Weapon, Endurance.
Good (3): 2 skills: conviction, athletics
fair (
2): 2 skills: contacts, might
average (+1): 2 skills: stealth, survival

Stunts and Powers

- 1 marked by power (static)
- 1 static charge: spell channeled… for every 1 shift applied into your weapon you take 2 shifts of mental damage.
- 1 static field: spell invoked… for every 1 shift applied into your area you can deactivate lights/overcharge them. disable electronically guns and even possibly activate the knight cores self destruct sequence.
- 2 tech weapons: able to use all tech weapons

David Burdick

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