Born with power self Imposed Exorcist


template: emissary of power
high concept aspect: born with power self imposed exorcist
trouble aspect: No True Evil
Marked by power = bio-luminescence

phase one: returned home to find brother mission and family slaughtered. discovered later by the exorcists.
aspect: hatred of the damned

phase two: joined exorcists they told you that your brother is damned and that fulgore must defeat him.
aspect: screwed our world time to make it better

phase three: decided to travel to blade sorrow to investigate a lead on cult activity meet Seere a former cult member. form alliance.
aspect: Feet now damp: really dumb luck

superb +5:
great +4: craftsmanship
good +3: survival, weapons
fair +2:alertness, discipline, endurance
average +1: might, intimidation, deceit, presence

bastard sword: weapon 3
kite shield: +2 to block -1 to weapon

-1 Marked by power: bio-luminescence
-1 human flash light
-1 blood luminescence
-1 portable SDU
-1 aegis of respect +1 to all social -5 to stealth.



Fate system (The end is nigh) TylerRich