Geoff (Geryon)

Insanity Scion


template: Changeling (scion) named Geryon: Demon centaur
high concept: Overly Happy Murderous Axe Wielding Scion
Trouble: Conflicting Mind

phase one: parents murdered by imperials in-front of Geoffrey eyes. this lead to a splitting personality from a demon that binded itself with geoffs free will.
(hatred over Imperials)
phase two: began to become crazy while listening to voices in his head. during the process of his endless changing personality geryon or geoff left for Blade sorrow where geoff believes he can find ally’s for the war against the imperials.
(changing personaltys)
phase three: geryone lived with his close human friend samas untill one day he gave into the voices in his head and killed samas’s entire family. samas had then left to join the imperials.
(need Control)

stunts and powers:
Inhuman Toughness -2
Inhuman Strength -2
Spider Walk -1
Catch Fire

superb (5) None
great (
4) weapon, Endurance
good (3) Deceit, Survival
fair (
2) athletics, might
average (+1) Rapport, fists

wields a weapon 2


Geoff (Geryon)

Fate system (The end is nigh) TylerRich