(Barom tribes)



several years ago a project called the Apache experimented on intelligent life. among those experimented on were 1 elephant and a large amount of monkeys and ravens (at least that is the most notable). this experiment cause brain waves to be transferred and altered through a speech device to allow these animals to say what they are thinking. well it worked and the creatures begain to live and work as a team however they became to smart. when the mana was released into the habitat the creatures evolved into something different which was good because it gave them the ability to freely escape from their habitat and establish homes around the world. in addition they evolved with the ability to speak so the device was unnecessary.

mana mutated the Barom (monkeys) into large hulking creatures. they stand upright and their knees are constantly crouched to support their weight. their arms reach down to their feet to aid in movement. they have to concave bags on their chest the are intake valves for the lungs. these creatures can inhale for roughly 16 minutes before exhaling as a powerful gust of wind (weapon 4). they are very strong creatures with armored scales along their back, 4 eyes and they filter feed bugs. they are very hairy like monkey unless they live in the baren wastes.


(Barom tribes)

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