(Mana Worms)

a parasite deep with in the center of the earth


Mana worms are a parasite from deep with in the earth. they lived where the element mana once laid before it was mined and distributed with in the earths atmosphere. normally Mana Worms are an organism that cannot exist with out breathing in mana and as such now they have a full planet to roam and expand. mana worms do not require oxygen which is why they live deep within the planet core. mana worms evolve and strengthen through endless alterations from birth. mana worms reproduce asexually requiring only a host. mana worms will freeze their victims from a cyro-paralytic bite. i wound from a mana worm will soon get infected and start to bubble up into a series of yellow glowing eggs that look like glands. however long before you are able to see them your vision goes and your freeze to death. but most interestingly the creatures born from their victims take on physical characteristics of that creature. not much else in known about Mana Worms. mana worms were first discovered in japan and were later found in america.

jiruko: flying large white octopus jelly fish snake things.
kiloki: smaller black octopus jelly fish snake things with four armored leggs.


(Mana Worms)

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