(info) Tech Weapons

Weapon types


Tech weapons
Shock: stuns and damages mentally

  • Stun gun/electric baton: weapon deals ¼ of stun damage as direct mental damage.

Flame: weapon can spontaneously apply fire stuns
* Flame scimitar: weapon 1/6 of the weapons stunning deals direct consequence damage.

Impact: minor range capability built in weapon can spontaneously apply a +2 to damage
* Impact hammer: upon hitting a target it releases a 20gauge buck shot into its target

Poisonous: stuns and eventual fatalities.

  • Poisonous dagger: pressuresed viles located in the hilt cause liquid to seem out of the * blade upon impact, causing stuns or during finishers, eventual death.

Titan: nearly indestructible
* titan Shield: try as you might you will never dent me!

Fear: stuns and damages socially project horrifying abominations and fearfull images while you fight.

  • Horrifying nail bat: stuns and immtimidation attack deal 2 times more social damage * * * during combat and in addition your meele stuns will deal ¼ of its damage as social damage.

Battery: weapon is powered by a battery device and as such it is able to easily dish out damage with no consequences to you there for it always has a +1 to damage however it runs on battery life so it will die eventually unless you are a electricity practitioner.
* Electric chainsaw: weapon always does +1 damage and has 5 battery life pips.


back before the end of the world there were 8 major companies competing in creating more effective weapons. the names have been forgoten

(info) Tech Weapons

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