Fate system (The end is nigh)

Quest 2

GM: Tyler, Britany
Seere: Tyler
Fulgore: jeremy
Pale: Joe
david burdict: mike
city: Bladesorrow → Windmill city

well we join our heroes once again on an epic of major proportions however, the only problem is they have nothing to do! so they for once decide to venture in the bounty board building, where they were in seconds pestered by officer Wiggins. while pale the mute boy was the only one with a decent social roll… david and fulgore where bet on to become a splat on the floor in no time. so despite the lowered self esteem the group heads to the palace of their great leader troul. they were greeted by a guard who forced our heroes into disarming themselves before entering the palace. however the guard came into an issue when disarming pale meant cutting into his flesh to remove his rail gun. during the process the guard was immeditally interrupted by troul who considered the guards actions as a form of insult! so troul very angrily drove his fingers into the guards eyes and ripped his head off. the conversation was cut short due to fear over troul quick to anger nature, and our heroes were redirected to officer hank. hank showed our heroS pictures and fulgore came to a conclusion that it must be the blood Reavers!

the blood reavers where only thought to be in nursery rimes as a form of punishment for misbehaving children but not many have lived to tell the tale of seeing the blood reavers. the group had decided it was completly inperitive that they discover this spy who has entered bladesorrow! they had tracked down a kyle butler through the registration and located him in a bar. when confronted Kyle acted like he didn’t know anything about the missing son… pale explained that "kyle was the only new person around who had the ability to produce spores… however kyle negated it by planting a daisy on fulgores shoulder and stating that “well he could be the one who capture max”… but pale cought him in the act… pale never mentioned the childs name and in the beginning of the conversation kyle denied any knowledge of either troul or his son. very well you caught me says kyle who reveals himself to be baine of the blood reavers. baine gives the group two very easy options…
*1: he kills you and gives the command to mutate max, and continues creating abominations in bladesorrow, and possibly call his army to cull the whole damn city.
*2: he leaves and never returns and you consider losing max as a casualty of war. he promises to never return.

it was really an obvious decision but the group decided to attack him anyway… until they realized that he can kill them with two arms and a leg tied behind his back. mike begged him to reconsider their choice of actions as the second choice. baine allowed this transgression as it inflicted no damage to him, and he left.

the group decided to continue after max any way hoping that by now he was not an abomination. while camping out on their way to windmill city, fulgore hears the sound of people approaching.
an old man, a child and 3 men approach. the old man claims to be from wind mill city and is begging for help. 3 wolvinlizards begin attacking and they were slowly defeated. the old man introduces his student ian, his friend ryan and a little child named amy. amy begged fulgore to help save her mother! fulgore said he would help. Ryan who had originally said he was off to take a pee was disturbed by David who recognized him from some where. little did he know that Ryan plans to call an imperial attack squad was faulted by Davids carelessness. the group rushes off with Ian, Ryan and the old man to wind mill city.

feeeeeeeeeeeeooooooooooooooowtoupbooooomm as Davids brother buddy teleports from an imperial drop pod and quickly kills Ryan. buddy explains that David and the others were nearly reported and buddy wouldn’t want any harm to come to his brother from anything other than himself. buddy claimed that David currently was too weak for him to consider him a decent adversary, while really it was disguised brotherly emotions. buddy throws him a distress beacon, telling him that if he ever need assistance to use it and get the fuck away! buddy teleports away and David still seems to really despise his brother for good reason.

the group fights some mana worms and enters a mine shaft where they were called by Seere who had left the group shortly before they entered the town. Seere mentioned that all the survivors became hosts for the mana worms and the little girl Amy was missing. the group finds a abomination max and is forced to defeat him causing him to fall into a steep tunnel where he most likely died. the group leaves and encounters the little girl Amy. Amy was upset that they didn’t find her mother. she kept shouting why didn’t you find her… you didn’t even try. each time she says it her voice becomes more dark and gruesome until she shows her true form, which was the mana worm leader Medusa. the group fled after one direct attack did 20 damage on fulgore! so the group fled as David used the distress beacon on Medusa. as they leave 30 imperial soldiers appear and where swiftly defeated. buddy appears and begins attacking medusa with great rage… shotgunning her and teleporting her her and there… in the end they retreated and nuked her from orbit… which still didn’t do much of anything on her… though she did retreat underground. despite their experiences the group arrives home victorious and as so troul is sorry for his previous behavior and is glad with how the situation was handled.

Quest 1

adventure hosts: Tyler
Gm (Seere)
Jeremy: Fulgore
Joe: pale + minion kore
adventure location: Bladesorrow

so while our adventures were short on cash they decided to roam around bladesorrow to see if they can acquire work. while the first obvious decision would be to inspect the bounty board for a quest they decided it was too easy and avoided it entirely. so fulgore and pale roamed the large city when all of a sudden fulgore spotted a crying child. though it was in fulgores best intentions to assist the crying child in in turn fail a social challenge causing the child too flee as though it thought it was being raped. as the two fled the scene, fulgore heard shouting and gun shots in the distance. the group heads in the direction of the conflict a man emerges through an ally way full of cloths covered cloths lines between the buildings. help help the man shouted as 4 robotic drones entered the scene. pale was quick to hack one and suicide it into another leaving fulgore and kore to finish off the rest. pale had then became aware of a retired imperial lieutenant bounty hunter named linel. linel declared his intentions to hunt down the man before you and then report the city to the imperials so they can nuke it from orbit. while this was not favorable neither was the alternative which was fulgore working along side Keven (the man they rescued) who actually turned out to be an cult of the damned operative. if they let either of these men leave, bladesorrow whould be in danger! Jeremy playing fulgore to his background immediately began attack Keven until Keven convinced him to submit and work along side him. keven was utterly convinced by now that the only safe place for him was far far away so while fulgore and pales back was turned keven begin to run for it only didn’t last long before being murdered fantastically by seere inside an ally way. seere used the darkness within kevens stomach to gore him with unholy tendrils that ripped him in half. while the groups reaction to this lead an uproar i was quite satisfied with my characters entrance :). now that that was out of the way the big battle had begone. the battle to save bladesorrow begins. while there was much frustration to be had over the amount of damage that linel could block and dish out. while after a little while fulgore was able to stun linel while seere and pale/kore was able to dis out much needed pain. linel through a series of objects in the air and using a force amplifier he was able to keep them afloat and using this ability he amplified the force of the object to throw washing machines and arrows at our heros. after much battling was done and our heros nearly vanquished linel attempted retreat using a personal transporter button on his chest. fulgore was able to tackle him to the ground and severing his arm pale and kore finished him off with a charged round to the head.

- alternative end kore really shot the button to stop him from leaving but… ended up teleporting both fulgore and linel to the moon base. where fulgore was killed instantly.


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